A Look at Vibrant Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2019

Home décor and design trends can change as quickly as a bunny hopping about a carrot patch. With that noted, there are a number of kitchen and bath design trends that appear to have taken root in 2019 and are likely to have more significant staying power.

Take a moment to consider some of these kitchen and bath trends and consider whether one or another of these might make sense in your own home. These include trends that run the gambit from fairly easy to implement to those that do require a bit more effort to achieve.

The Changing Kitchen Scene in 2019

Perhaps the most significant kitchen décor and design trend that is snaring the attention of professional interior designers and homeowners alike is bold color. Over the course of the past couple of decades, white accented with neutral grays and creams dominated the kitchen set.

An appreciable shift is occurring in 2019, with bold colors splashing onto centerstage when it comes to kitchen décor and design. The homes of trendsetters are creating kitchens that are coming alive with vibrant derivations of green, blue, pink, and yellow. Indeed, this quartet of bright hues are being brought together in stunning combos that not only enliven a kitchen but turn it into a truly signature, unique space.

You don’t have to dive headlong into emboldening your historically staid kitchen with an explosion of color. An associated kitchen décor and design trend is to add hints of bold color to your otherwise neutral kitchen. You can begin as simply as placing brightly colored accent pieces here and there in your kitchen.

Kitchen Design Trend of Note in 2019

Another notable kitchen design trend of note in 2019 are sinks that are (pardon the cliché) making a splash. Rather than the standard metal sinks that have dominated kitchens for at least a few generations, basins with stone accoutrements are being placed in residences of note. For example, farmhouse sinks are making a comeback, but they aren’t the basins you’d find at your grandma’s place. Rather, 2019 derivations of the farmhouse sink feature such design considerations as brass hardware and soapstone aprons.

A trend that started with great rooms some years ago lays the foundation for the combination of kitchens with other living areas, like a family or dining room. This trend optimizes living space in a residence and is anchored together by common color selections for paint or other wall covering. Different lighting schemes set the kitchen area and other living space apart as needed or desired.

Stunning Bathroom Décor Concepts in 2019

Orange may be the new black on television, thanks to the binge-worthy television program about women in prison, black is the new gray when it comes to bathroom décor and design in 2019. One of the most notable bathroom design trends of note in 2019 is the replacement of moderate gray color schemes with bold black.

Black is making headway in bathrooms from accent pieces to plumbing fixtures to furniture pieces. As is the case with adding bright colors to kitchens, black can be introduced into a bathroom gradually. On the other hand, boldly going black with a complete bathroom makeover truly changes the look, feel, and force of the space.

The Smart Bathroom

2019 is likely to be the year when the trend towards the smart bathroom really takes hold. The implementation of smart systems into a bathroom has taken root in a few non-U.S. countries, including Japan. 2019 appears to the be the year when bathrooms in the U.S.A. smarten up.

Examples of this technology that is being incorporated into bathrooms this year include smart showers, sinks, and mirrors. Other high-tech additions to bathrooms include better quality sound systems and voice activated controls for everything from room temperature to lighting. More than a few home interior design pros are proclaiming that a true trend in 2019 is the conversion of a residential bathroom into a truly personalized, customized spa.

Vintage Design

In addition to bold black taking hold in bathrooms in 2019, vintage design is also making a comeback. As an aside, these two developments can go hand-in-hand and work beautifully together. Perhaps no other bathroom item is in greater demand than the vintage clawfoot bathtub. A bathroom design need not be totally old school. Rather, time and again vintage touches harmonize magically with modern elements as well. As an aside, when it comes to vintage pieces, those that include brass or gold elements are particularly compelling this year.

Many of the décor and design concepts trending in 2019 are innovations or changes you can undertake as part of a do-it-yourself endeavor. Those that require the assistance of a professional can be undertaken in a manner that doesn’t break the proverbial bank in the process. In short, you can have a stunning, updated kitchen or bath with relative ease and limited expense.

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