10 Basic Tips to Prepare Your Home for an Open House

Tips to Prepare Your Home for an Open House

Putting your house on the market is one of the most significant decisions a typical person can make. Not only is your home the place where you and your family spend most of your time and make lasting memories, it likely is your most significant investment.

Thus, you need to do everything possible to enhance the market appeal and overall value of your residence. This includes making certain your home is ready for presentation at an open house. There are 10 basic tips to bear in mind to prepare your home for a scheduled open house.

1. Improve Curb Appeal

The front exterior of your home is the first aspect of your property that a prospective buyer will see. Thus, you must make absolutely certain that the curb appeal of your home is up to speed before an open house. Even some very basic steps like trimming shrubs, weeding flower beds, and mowing the lawn make a significant difference in the overall appearance of your residence.

If your home requires more substantial work in regard to curb appeal, you need to make sure that you undertake these efforts in advance of putting your home on the market for sale. You don’t want work on the exterior of your home ongoing after you put your residence on the market for sale. That would send a terrible message to prospective buyers.

2. Eliminate Clutter

Like many people, you may feel that the various items you have set about your residence make it feel homey. The reality is that a person attending an open house will not have the same response to the items you’ve placed about your home. Therefore, before an open house, eliminate the clutter. In doing so, consider your home from the perspective of a potential buyer. It’s easier for a prospective buyer to consider what living in your home will be like if it is something of a blank slate that allows them to envision their items in the residence.

3. Put Away Family Photos

In a similar vein, consider putting away family photos. As was note, you want to try to create something of a neutral scene that will permit a prospective buyer the ability to see his or her family in the residence.

4. Hire Professional Cleaners

A prospective buyer will notice if your home is spotless. With that said, they will notice if it isn’t in a spotless condition. Thus, you are well served retaining the services of professional cleaners to get your home in order prior to the time open houses begin to occur.

5. Neutralize Odors

Your home may harbor odors that you’ve not even aware exist. Thus, consider having a trusted friend walk through your home with you to detect the presence of odors. This particularly is the case if you have pets. You may want to consider hiring a professional to deal with odors, particularly if you’ve pets living with you.

6. Make Repairs and Replacements

If you are like most homeowners there are places in your home that need repair and items that need replacement. Go through your home and make sure anything in need of repair is dealt with in advance of an open house and replace those items that require replacement, including light bulbs.

7. Purchase New Towels

A very simple step to take in advance of an open house is buying and placing new towels in the kitchen and bathrooms. This affordable, easy step will brighten the rooms and five your residence a fresh appearance.

8. Set the Table

Discuss this step with your Realtor. This suggestion is open to debate. Nonetheless, you may want to consider smartly setting the table with attractive dinnerware in advance of an open house. You don’t want to use your everyday dinnerware for this purpose if it is a bit worn for the wear. You actually can purchase a fresh set of tableware for an affordable price at discount stores like Target.

9. Organize Drawers and Cabinets

Prospective buyers will be opening drawers and cabinets in your home. Thus, you don’t wat to overlook them. You need to completely organize your drawers and cabinets. Doing so sends the message to a prospective buyer that you’re a homeowner who stays on top of everything. If the drawers and cabinets are in prime condition, the major components of the residence are likely to be in good repair as well.

10. Leave Your Home

Your Realtor is likely to give your this advice. If not, you need to leave your home during an open house. Nothing makes a prospective buyer more uncomfortable than a homeowner lurking about during an open house. You engage the services of a Realtor for a reason. Let your Realtor do his or her job and present your home properly during an open house.

By following these tips and tactics you will ensure that your residence is in prime condition for presentation at an open house. You will optimize the overall look and appeal of your home in a manner that will assist in ensuring that you are able to obtain your asking price when the time comes to contract for sale.

As an additional aside, there are staging professionals that can assist you in fine tuning the presentation of your home before it goes on the market for sale. Your Realtor undoubtedly has staging professionals with whom he or she works who can assist you in preparing your residence for the market.

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